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12,6 Allstar

I recently got the new 12,6 allstar race board from starboard. I have got the board out in a good variety of conditions now and have come to find its a fast flatwater board but is fastest in the choppy water and waves. This board is designed to be the all round raceboard competitive in all conditions. Brian Szymanski married last years BOP board with the popular ACE to produce these narrow race boards with features like a deep scoped out deck to get you closer to the water which allows you to run a narrower board. The best feature of this board is the nose and bow shape. It is the original ACE nose with all the volume taken out and refined as a kind of slick bow. This can be felt in the flat water as it cuts through the water while the nose of the deck has the BOP domed v which helps it to slice through the waves keeping the speed up in the surf.

All these new innovative design features has increased the use of the board. The scary looking figures of the width is a new bench mark of were the design of race boards are going. I think this will be shown in the race results of the upcoming year as you see the narrow boards dominate. The long waterline of a 12,6 has lots of stability all ready and the scoped out standing area of the All star provides the extra stability. Even the widest board being 27 inches wide will still have lots of stability for you average paddler and then the two narrower models should accommodate the more experienced racers. The new race 23 fin and fin box positioning helps this board turn on a penny with a wide tail for stability during the turn.

If you want a fast all round raceboard get the Allstar.

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