Winter downwinding in Dublin Bay


If you have been in Europe recently you would have noticed the wintery weather with cold temperatures, snow and for us living in Ireland lots of easterly wind. This makes Dublin Bay a perfect location for downwind paddling. Downwinding is almost a separate sport in the whole of stand up paddle boarding scene and was made popular by the Hawaiians paddling from Island to Island using the trade winds which produce long ocean swells or as paddelers like to call them ‘bumps and runners’ . Similar to Hawaii the cold easterly wind travels over the Irish sea and brings this long ocean swell into Dublin Bay.

IMG_0610Keeping a low centre of gravity on the bump to increase my stability

Downwinding has one fatal consequence its all about paddling from one location to another down wind so you need to work out the logistics of getting around dropping off cars at the  finish location and then trying to get a lift to the start location. I am fortunate enough to have my Dad the dedicated driver and photographer who drives around while we have the fun of our lives gliding across the ocean.

IMG_0387Surfdock team rider Lewis Eickholt and Myself stacking the boards high

IMG_0585 Paddling upwind is not the funnest thing to do but when you start going downwind its all worth it

The combination of wind, swell and tide make every bump different and learning to read them is always a challenge. Ireland as a location for this is perfect with a unlimited supply of wind and costal waters.

IMG_4997Connor Baxter taking a air drop with all of his weigh back to keep that nose out of the water. Maui to Molokai race 2012

The forecast for the next few days looks like the prevailing southerly wind is returning and back to the standard mild winter that we have come to love. I have been looking at the charts for the west coast and it looks like another huge swell to come this weekend and lots of wind with it.

2012 my full year review


I would  never have put myself in the postion that im in now last year. I was simply windsurfing and suping for fun on the weekends following the winds and swells. Now at the end of 2012 I am sponsored to do what I did for fun. Competing in serious events has brought a new motivation for learning and looking at the sports I do differently. Here is a picture from every month of 2012.
























sligo  lissys





I hope next year is as fun and filled with opportunities to get in the water. Happy new year to all…. Bring on 2013.




Paddling in the lights of the city

Training on technique

Living high in the northern hemisphere means that you have got little light in the Winter with short days and long nights so to go paddling needs a bit of will and lots of motivation to paddle in sub zero temperatures in the evenings. The most ideal place to paddle in Ireland during the long winter nights is the Grand Canal Basin of the capital city Dublin. This body of water is lit up with the lights of pubs , restaurants and the famous red sticks of the theatre. Training sessions are normally short due to the cold. After loosing feeling in my feet and hands Surfdock is a good retreat to try and reheat.

The dark shadows of myself paddling

Surfdock teamrider Keith Gorman and myself train on the perfect flat water a couple times a week during the winter. Working on technique and general fitness it keeps us on the water during the weekdays which is most important to keep on improving. If you want a go paddling in the Dock. Check out:

Keith Gorman and Myself paddling along the Ocean Bar dockside

Surfdock which has been operating for more then 20 years will soon be opening a new business venture ‘Wakedock’ this will be Ireland first Wakeboarding cable which will be situated in Grand canal basin in the centre of the city. Check out: for more information and the latest news from Wakedock.

The possibilities with Wakeboarding are endless cant wait to see it in the dock. Check out the video of guys Wakeboarding in a cranberry bog.



Here is a quick update of the latest news,photos and videos.

Starboard launched the new sup website this week. Check it out at Lots of new and updated shapes in a number of constructions. The new 2013 inflatable boards are the biggest addition to the range with a good selection of lengths from a 8,2 wide point to a 16 ft tandem. These inflatable boards are a good option if storage and transportion is a big issue when deciding to buy a new board.

Lets hop over to Ho’okipa beach park on Maui for the finial event of the KSP world tour. The conditions havent been the best for the gang but finished off with a finial result and two new World Champions Australian Ripper Keahi De Aboitiz and Naish team rider Jalou Langeree.

Now to the British Virgin Island for the finial event of the stand up world tour. The top 16 plus two wildcards are on a couple of moorings Yachts for the comp which is giving them a lot of options to surf. The race for the world title between Kai Lenny and Sean Poynter is going to go down to the wire with both guys in form and ripping. Stay tuned into

Now to the biggest news story of the year. The new World surfing champion Joel Parkinson secured his first World title at the pipeline masters beating Kelly Slater. This is Parkos first world title and went on to win the contest. Kelly lost in his Semi Finial heat to Australian Josh Kerr to give Parko the title. Congrats Parko

This week I am going to leave you guys with a new windsurfing movie Trailer DONT LET GO.

DON’T LET GO -Trailer from DONT LET GO on Vimeo.

Day 1 and 2 Northern France/Paris


After a quick trip to Sligo on Sunday to surf some super windy reefs. I,m now on my way to Paris to race in the Sup Nautic a stand up paddle boarding race down the river seine. Myself and Surfdock team rider Keith Gorman left Rosslare last night on a over night ferry to Cherbourg. The race will pass by some of the famous sights of the French capital such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame ,Champs elysees and the Louvre. The race is a part of the Paris Boat show and live Gps tracking will be broadcasted during the race on Sunday Morning. You can view it live at


Feature Post the latest news,photos and videos


Welcome to my second feature post of

Lets start off with some action from the stand up world tour event happening in Brazil. Ubatuba Pro is the second last event of the standup world tour with Kai Lenny,Sean Poynter already knocked out in the semis. This leaves the top two positions of the world rankings open for change. The local Brazilian Leco Salazar and young Hawaiian Mo Freitas were the stand out competitors both in form and pushing radical moves with 15 year old Mo from the north shore of Oahu winning the event.

Lets check in with the Vans triple crown they are half way through the vans world cup of surfing at Sunset beach with some perfect waves being ridden during round 2. The title race is still being debated in the surfing world. We will find out on the 8th when the Billabong pipe masters in memory of Andy Irons kicks off at the banzai pipeline.

#GoParko from Billabong on Vimeo.

Now some action from the mountains.

Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Last up a video from one of my favorite video makers They create original videos and content. It is well worth looking through some of it for a bit of inspiration.

I have a busy fortnight up ahead with a quick trip to sligo before heading off to Paris for the sup nautic and then a surf trip to northern france. I will keep you posted with daily reports. Plus my facebook athlete account will be up and running soon.