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Blog May update (uk-traveling-coffee)

The racing season is full speed ahead with races every weekend and lots of traveling for myself. I  have been in the U.K racing on the British Sup Clubs race series and preparing for the European racing tour.


I got a 2nd place at the Central Sup race in Birmingham, England. I made a stupid mistake leaving out one of the marks costing me 1st place. It made for a exciting finish for the crowd but lots of work for me to do. Myself and Sonni had a photo finish. I learnt my lesson that day and moved on to the next race. Thanks to all the guys at central sup for a amazing event.

Next race was the Battle of the Thames in London city. The weather was mild with no wind. I made a early lead and held a gap on the chasing group. It was a grind by myself with no one to draft. I came out on top after putting the work in early. My first for the year and hoping to keep the good results going. Big thanks to Blue Chip for more great organising.