New Zealand

Ireland – U.K – Channel islands – U.K – Spain – France – Spain – Ireland – U.K – U.S.A – U.K – Ireland – U.K – Ireland – U.A.E – Australia – NEW ZEALAND

The above list is the countries I visited from September 2nd 2015. Probably the best 3 months of my life so far. Traveling to event after event competing in Stand up paddle boarding races and having some down time after a hectic Summer. My long journey ended in the south Pacific island of New Zealand.

Reefs deep in the pacific. Taken during SYD – AKL.

Today the 23rd of November I signed a short term lease for a place I am renting in Auckland. Causing me to stay in one spot for a few months. It’s refreshing to have settled down again. I have almost started a new life in N.Z. New Friends, Bank acc, Job, Phone Number, Tax, etc. Settling down is something I never thought I would do again but traveling constantly makes it difficult to actually focus on what I really want to do which is to push my performance in SUP racing?

Racing in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.

My 2015 race season did not end to plan. Injury, loss of motivation and a general feeling of being burnt out caused my performance to go downhill. That is the draw back when pushing yourself weekend after weekend. I set out in early September to compete in 15 races over 15 weeks with majority of them being in a different country every weekend. The reality of logistics, traveling and budgets makes it more of an admin nightmare as much as a physical test!

Racing in Misson Bay, Auckland.

The 2016 racing season is going to be interesting. I think it’s going to be another big year for the sport of SUP Racing and hopefully I can be part of it! I plan to stick around the Southern Hemisphere until March and then make my way back to Europe to start Summer SUP School back up and competing full time!

Racing in Misson Bay, Auckland.
Racing in Misson Bay, Auckland.