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Starboard team rider weekend

Last weekend was a epic adventure with long waits in airports due to a canceled flight and getting to surf in England with the Starboard UK gang. After waiting in airports for a good few hours and a 35min flight. I finally arrived in the Tushingham/Starboard warehouse in the Devon hills filled with the latest kit. Saturday was the meeting part where all the team discussed the many achievements of the past year and went through this years kit in detail. We moved to a pub for further meeting type stuff and the tiki oscars. Lots of awards were handed out and I picked up ‘Rookie Of The Year’. Some funny stories and major achievements were awarded highly.


Sunday was the fun day when all the new kit was brought down to the beach at Bigbury On Sea for a surf session. A good range of kit in all the constructions was on test. I tried plenty of boards everything from a 8,0 to a 14ft ace which was 23,5 wide. The Starboard UK guys were ripping it on pretty much everything and a good local crew of suppers were on show as well. After a day full of surfing it was back home to Ireland. I can’t wait to bo back for some races and comps in the next few months. Check out Starboard UK on Facebook and Starboard to check out all the new boards and paddles.

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