168 hrs in California

My whole blogging dream never occurred I ended up making the same excuses as normal to myself. (It takes to long, who is actually going to read it, I have just paddled a million kilometres “I need FOOD” and I normally fall asleep before I build up any motivation)


Ok , so after coming home and every single person I have spoke to asked “how was California?”. Here is a brief recap of the epic adventure and event that was.


-24 hrs of flying, airports and general traveling-

– I reached my destination Salt Creek-


-I spent a few tense hours training-

-I competed at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle-


-I had a bad first day racing and didn’t make the final but watched the best race I have ever seen-

-I had a slightly better day two-

-Finished the event and explored California-

-Went on a bike ride to the Wedge-

-Found a decent coffee in America-

-Spent another 24 hrs going home-

Photos edited on VSCO cam.


Preparing For The Battle Q&A

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Battle of the Paddle the biggest race of the season.

-Battle Ground?

Salt Creek, California


2015 Starboard Allstar

Prepared Yes or No?

Maybe, I have been focusing on the B.O.P for the past two months but this race has a lot of luck involved.



Make the final of the men’s elite race. There is two heats in the morning and the top 50 percent from both races go into a final heat in the afternoon. Plus get some surf done in Californian sunshine.


Battle of the paddle has always been on my bucket list of races and every top sup racer shows up to this race from every side of the world.


Stay tuned to my blog for daily updates and photos.

-What is the B.O.P?(To all the non paddling folk)

The Battle of the paddle is probably the biggest race of the year. A unofficial World Championships were the best Sup racers battle it out for a faint hope to become B.O.P champion. The list of past champions is pretty epic. Chuck Paterson, Jamie Mitchell, Danny Ching, Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny. It involves racing in and out of the surf with a run in between every lap. To be any way competitive you need to know how to surf a race board(it’s like driving a f-one car down a mountain pass plus you have a few hair pin bends to take care of). These ‘hair pin bends’ are buoy turns in the surf zone. I forgot to mention there is 30+ people going around the buoy at the same time.’Carnage Guaranteed’